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10 Signs you’re Strong Woman

We’ve all met a strong woman before. You know, the type with the confidence and zest that lights up any room she enters.

She knows exactly what she wants in life and how she’s going to get there.

And if you’re lucky enough to be in her inner circle, she wants to help you achieve your goals so you can get the most out of your life.

1) She’s mentally tough

There’s one thing that you know for sure about a strong woman: She’s been through a lot in life and it’s only made her stronger.

She’ll deal with failures, injustice and tricky situations in the same way she always has: With grit, determination and a willingness to learn.

2) She respects herself and others

A strong woman sticks to her principles and what’s morally right. She upholds her strong values and maintains her dignity.

One value that is paramount to the way she lives her life is treating others with kindness and respect.

However, if you don’t uphold her strict moral system, she won’t hesitate to let you know to get back in your lane.

3) She lives by the truth

She’s got no time for lies and values the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. She never makes up stories or exaggerates. She hates people that feel the need to do that.

4) She won’t play games

She’s straight forward: She expresses what’s on her mind and what she needs.

If you’re trying to “one-up” her then you better watch out: She’ll put you back in your lane and let you know that you’re an idiot.

5) She sees the good in others

Every person has a piece of good in them. You just need to find it.

A strong woman knows that most people have good intentions. That’s why she’s so polite to all those desperate men who approach her for her number.

Most of all, she treats people with respect and kindness. 

6) She plans pockets of enjoyment for herself

We all have individual passions and activities that make us happy. A strong woman makes time for these because it’s essential to her wellbeing.

If she’s able to spend time meditating or walking on the beach alone, she’ll be a happier and brighter person when she’s around others.

7) She knows what she wants

Because she spends time with herself and is comfortable in her own skin, she knows exactly what she really wants in life.

It’s not material wealth. A strong woman knows that this is superficial and won’t bring lasting happiness.

Instead, she strives to create meaning and creativity in her work that helps others, because that’s what makes her happy.

Her dreams and the path to achieving them are cemented in her mind. There’s no self-doubt, if she wants something, she’ll go for it. She’ll also seek help from others but won’t rely on that help.

8) She lives in the moment

A strong woman realizes that the past doesn’t exist, the future hasn’t arrived, and the only thing that really matters is the present moment.

Every moment has something to be grateful for, and you’ll be much happier if you strive to find it.

She also believes that the present moment is where the future is created. If you work hard and stick to your priorities and goals, your future self will be incredibly thankful.

9) She stands up for what she believes in

If you’re not taking her opinion seriously, then she’ll make you learn some manners.

This takes a lot of men back because they’re not used to being questioned so directly.

A strong woman has passionate beliefs and she’ll have her opinion heard. If something comes up that she doesn’t agree with, she won’t hesitate to express herself and let her feelings out.

A strong woman is a passionate creature that fights for what’s right.

10) Other females copy her movements

A strong woman’s leaned back, non-needy body language is the envy of every woman around here.

So you know what all the other females do? Subconsciously, they copy her!

It’s no wonder why.

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