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3 Simple Ways To Double Your Instagram Engagement

Let’s start with algorithm. We hear people all the time blaming the Instagram algorithm for their low engagement… but did you ever think it could be your content?

Here are 3 ways to skyrocket your engagement and “beat” the Instagram algorithm. 

  1. Utilise Instagram stories every day 

Stories are an essential part of growing your Instagram! If you aren’t using them daily, you need to be. Stories allow you to connect with your audience, and easily share content. 

Don’t overthink it – treat it like a daily vlog and let your followers in on what you do on a daily basis. This will foster connection between you and your followers, which will keep them coming back, and therefore boost your engagement. Always aim to post a minimum of 3-5 stories per day.

There are tons of different features you can use on stories to make them more engaging, such as stickers, polls, and gifs! By using all of Instagrams features you’re also going to be boosted as Instagram rewards the accounts that use all of their features.

You also want to make your stories accessible and you can do this by adding subtitles. By doing this you’re able to make your stories inclusive for everyone, and easier to view.

2. Purposeful Captions 

Captions are one of the best ways to increase engagement on a post. Make sure you are posting meaningful content that contains value for your audience. The purpose of your caption could be to entertain, educate, inspire, etc. Posting just for the sake of it will not help your engagement. Try to post 3-4 times a week on your feed and share value in the captions – anything from a juicy story to sharing tips and tricks.

3. Video content 

People tend to connect more through video, because they can see more of your personality, and it builds the like, know, trust factor with your audience. 

Offering a variety of content is a great way to boost your engagement, so using as many Instagram features as you can, will really help you grow. 


IGTV is a feature where you can create short videos, similar to Youtube. It is a great tool for any niche, and there’s no need to be scared to show your face. 

Here are a few examples of ways you could utilise IGTV based on your niche!

  • Fashion: share a week of outfits, or a look book
  • Food: bake/cook with me
  • Lifestyle: daily vlog, morning routine, favourite products
  • Mental health: your self-care routine, favourite resources for mental health (books, apps, etc.)
  • Beauty: get ready with me, different makeup looks 

A great way to brainstorm IGTV ideas that your audience will love is to simply expand upon the content you already produce. 

Live Streaming Live streaming is another amazing way to foster connection and trust with your audience. Live streaming is unfiltered, so it really feels like you are having a conversation with your audience. You can also take this the step further and collaborate with another Influencer so you can gain access to each other’s audience.

No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

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