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5 Ways Leaders Can Grow Their Personal Brand on LinkedIn

How can leaders grow their personal brands on LinkedIn? With over 810 million members, LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking sites for organizations and professionals. For lead generation, it is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter. 

The purpose of LinkedIn is to drive customers to your brand at the same time as enhancing your professional reputation. Become an active participant by taking full advantage of the platform and utilizing the tools it provides. There are many strategies you can implement to grow your personal brand on LinkedIn. Here are five of them for current or aspiring leaders. 

1. Create a Captivating Profile 

Before you do anything else, make sure your profile stands out and looks professional. You’ll be surprised at how many people skip this step and then question why their social presence isn’t growing. 

First impressions count, and if a potential customer or client doesn’t like what they see, they’ll move on to the next similar contact. The same is true for outreach. 

With that being said, start with a clear headshot for your profile picture and then write your bio. A good and clear bio describing what you do at your current place of work will give your visitors a snapshot of what your brand is about. Your bio should act as a hook to convince the reader you can provide the service they are looking for and to encourage them to want to know more. 

2. Optimize Your Personal Page 

If people don’t know you exist, they will be less likely to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Optimizing your page will increase your chances of being found on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is similar to a search engine, and if you want to unlock its full potential, you should treat it as such.

Research suggests that less than 6% of people click on the second page when conducting a search. The same goes for LinkedIn. Let’s say a client is looking for a graphic designer; they are going to enter the relevant keywords into the search bar and engage with the profiles on the first page of results. That’s where you want your page to show up.

Climbing the ranks of your relevant search results isn’t going to happen overnight, but it is possible. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your profile to increase its chances of showing up on the first page: 

  • Complete your profile! 
  • Add a captivating headline 
  • Add the relevant keywords 
  • Complete ‘about’ section 
  • Add your location
  • Be specific about the products and services you provide 

3. Become an Active Participant 

A dormant LinkedIn account won’t benefit you. Putting your profile up on LinkedIn and hoping for the best isn’t going to be enough. If you want to grow your brand, you’ll need to put the work in. 

Providing value is one of the most effective growth strategies to utilize. You can do this by providing informative and engaging content for your audience. Write about trending topics in your industry combined with off-the-wall, obscure topics that will get conversations started. 

Your content will give your audience more insight into who you are, and help establish you as a thought leader in your niche. 

4. Connect with the Right Audience 

LinkedIn also acts as a networking site, but just as you wouldn’t attend a random networking event that isn’t going to benefit you, don’t connect with everyone on LinkedIn. 

The key to networking on LinkedIn is to connect with companies and individuals in your industry with active profiles. The site also holds industry-specific online events, which means you can do a lot of your networking from the comfort of your own home. Network with the hosts of the events and the people attending. 

LinkedIn Groups are also an effective networking tool. These groups allow you to reach out to professionals in your industry that will help take your brand to the next level. 

5. Get Great Endorsements 

A stellar résumé is great, but anyone can list their credentials. What other people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself. 

A key feature of LinkedIn is its endorsements platform. It enables your clients to validate the skills you’ve highlighted. The more endorsements you have, the more reliable your social proof becomes. So don’t shy away from asking customers who have used your services to endorse you. 

Experts recommend spending at least one hour a day on the platform. Develop a strategy, decide what areas you are going to focus on, and remain consistent. In doing so, it won’t be long before you start experiencing major expansion, and brand exposure on LinkedIn.

This Content has originally written by Goldie Chan and published on March 3, 2022.

No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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