Friday , 3 December 2021
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10 Essential Career Advice For Millennial

The best career advice for ambitious millennials 1.  WHEN MAKING CONVERSATION, ONLY SPEAK WITH PURPOSE AND INTENTION. DON’T SPEAK JUST TO FILL AWKWARD SILENCE. It’s okay to let the conversation fall silent. If you keep trying to use small talk to bridge the gap, people will get annoyed. It’s like when you write an essay and keep using filler words …

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How To Create 5-Year Achievable Career Vision Plan

Many people struggle with visualizing their future and wanted to know HOW to create that five year vision in the first place. STEP ONE: THE BRAINSTORM Creating your 5-year vision isn’t as easy as picking a goal out of thin air. (If you do it that way, you’ll realize that you’ll end up changing your goals very quickly and very …

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10 Professional habits to develop in your 20’s

Your twenties are a crucial time to develop professional habits as you transition into adulthood. Creating good habits early on will help you achieve your career goals and set the precedence for future success. The earlier you start, the sooner you’ll master your goals and get your bearings in a career you love, so whether you’re fresh out of college, …

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