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Top 5 Reasons Why Upskilling Can Transform Your Professional Life for the Better

In today’s world where professional competition seeking career growth has become as intense as it has ever been, upskilling is a vital factor that can transform your professional life for the better. Upskilling refers to the acquisition of new skills by individuals. This can happen on both a personal or a professional basis, such as expanding your education by taking …

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How a learning culture primes your organization for agility

If your organization struggles to keep up with the ever-changing realities of your industry — and of the world of business at large — your organization is not alone. For one, the current and ongoing digital transformation, the emerging skill gaps that follow in its wake, and the pressure to innovate and adapt to continuing change can all make for …

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Benefits of upskilling workforce in the age of hybrid working

Although we have begun to recover from the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing is sure; the hybrid work model is here to stay. Blending remote and in-office work, the hybrid model has forced many organisations to reconsider their talent strategies, employee experiences, and management styles, along with their technology infrastructure. This has, in turn, shed light on the …

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How to Successfully Negotiate Your Salary

Negotiating a salary is one of the fastest and easiest ways that you can increase your income. It simply takes a bit of courage, effort, and research. By negotiating, you can increase your salary by 20% or more quite easily. It’s hard to get that type of income increase from any bonus or raise! Many people are scared or timid …

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10 Essential Career Advice For Millennial

The best career advice for ambitious millennials 1.  WHEN MAKING CONVERSATION, ONLY SPEAK WITH PURPOSE AND INTENTION. DON’T SPEAK JUST TO FILL AWKWARD SILENCE. It’s okay to let the conversation fall silent. If you keep trying to use small talk to bridge the gap, people will get annoyed. It’s like when you write an essay and keep using filler words …

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How to Find A Job You Won’t Hate

If you do not know exactly what your dream job is yet, you have to read all the way through. We are going to dive into how to figure out your calling, the three most important things that lead to career satisfaction and then 7 step Love Your Career Formula that has helped hundreds of women determine what they want …

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