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Mentoring the future – Role of a mentor

What is a good mentorship?

Good mentors are an integral part of leadership development. A good mentor should not only have knowledge but also should be able to impart that knowledge in an effective manner. They are expected to show enthusiasm and sincerity to help others succeed in life. Even though they are experts in their respective fields, they should respect the mentees. A good mentor will always understand the specific talent that each person has and help them to excel in it. Mentoring focuses on the growth and development of a person.

How does a mentor help?

  • If the participants have potential talent, mentors can accelerate their readiness for leadership development.
  • Mentoring can be used as a strategic tool to shape people so that they can fit to an organization’s culture. This is important since good leaders first need to understand the organization that they belong to.
  • Leadership development coaching ensures that mentors will guide the employees on how to align with the business and strategic goals in an organization.
  • The mentors offered by leadership coaching are generally people with years of knowledge and expertise in particular fields. So, learning skills from these people is very beneficial.
  • Mentorship gives a first-hand experience of what leadership should look like. Mentors display leadership qualities like effective communication, responsibility and the ability to guide other people.
  • In a leadership development coaching, a mentor design activities for the mentees and also provides the tools to perform them. A good mentor can help a person come out of his comfort zone by creating different leadership scenarios.
  • Another great benefit of mentorship is that it helps in networking. Mentors can push people directly to other leaders who can help.
  • Mentors help people to gain more confidence and improve people skills.

Mentoring is a holistic technique that helps in leadership development. It is a multi-functional role that helps in the overall personality development of a person. The long-term impact of mentoring in leadership coaching can influence a person’s career to a great extent. Mentoring is increasing looked at as an effective way to boost learning and leadership skills.

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