Wednesday , 22 May 2024
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5 Fearless Journalists Who Rose Against the British Raj During the Freedom Struggle

They risked not only the wrath of the British but also, at times, their lives. Nevertheless, they remained dedicated to spreading their message. “Just as street lights and the rounds of police constables bring to light anything wrong or unjust happening on the roads in the dark, the editorial pen brings to light the injustices and the wrongs of the …

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At 22, Odisha Girl in Belgium Dishes Out Edible Cutlery Made of Beer Waste

Anusuya Samantaray, a student of Ku Leuven University in Belgium, along with her friends Varun Singh and Apoorva Vardhan, has innovated edible alternatives for single-use plastic items like spoons and cups using a by-product from breweries. Growing up near the Puri-Konark Marine drive in Bhubaneshwar, Anusuya Samantaray would go to the beach every day. The earliest memories she has are …

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Baby’s Allergies Inspire Mom to Make Organic Skincare Products

Aishwarya Ravi from Bengaluru launched her organic skincare brand, Nature’s Destiny to make chemical-free soaps, shampoo bars, body butters, body washes and more. Her business was inspired by her daughter’s skin allergy, and receives over 500 orders a month. In 2015, Aishwarya Ravi’s baby developed skin rashes after using over-the-counter products such as shampoos and soaps. While the products were …

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