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How to Create a Culture of Innovation

“Innovation comes ultimately from a diversity of perspectives. So when you combine ideas from different industries or different cultures, that’s when you have the best sense of developing groundbreaking ideas.” – Frans Johansson

How to create a culture of innovation in the workplace

1. Give all types of space

Leading companies make space for more than work. They create mental, emotional and temporal space. Space for employees to be creative, take risks and develop ideas that advance the organization.

At 1-800 Contacts, this space includes financial wellness, recognize that financial troubles can be a huge source of stress for employees. 

1-800 Contacts mitigate this stress by offering mortgage training, get-out-of-debt training, and essential financial advice- creating more mental space for employees.

If employees are worried by things happening outside of work, then they won’t be able to function at their best. And this is why 1800-Contacts makes supporting a healthier headspace a workplace priority.

2. Create energy by thanking all

Recognizing everyone for their efforts, not just their outcomes, doesn’t dilute the idea. Instead, it acts as a fertilizer. It energizes individuals and the entire organization. And encourages people to keep contributing. The enthusiasm around trying to make things better is infectious and fun. And that is itself a catalyst for creativity.

3. Nurture diverse connections

Leading organizations build bridges, bringing people together who otherwise might never talk to each other, let alone collaborate.

4. Invest in everyone’s growth

Lavishing resources only on employees who show “high potential” is misguided. It ignores the potential of others and can have unintended consequences. It often leads to feelings of frustration and favoritism.

The best leaders see the value of maximizing all human potential and help every employee develop – including developing them outside of work.

5. Make it easy for all

Leading organizations know to leave no stone unturned. It’s not enough to put out a suggestion box. They make it simple for their people to generate ideas – and lots of them.

These companies go further by providing guidance for fleshing out a new concept. They adopt systems that allow peers to comment on and get behind promising proposals.

6. Inspire all with purpose

Our research shows that when employees use the term “incredible” to describe their workplace – such as “incredibly hardworking environment” or “incredible company journey” – they are 81% more likely to experience meaningful innovation opportunities.

At most organizations, inspiration and purpose drop as you move down management levels. The best leaders find ways to motivate people at every layer. From those in the C-suite to employees in the warehouse.

Innovation By All company cultures generate more high-quality ideas and adopt them faster.

This Content has originally written by Claire Hastwell and published on July 29, 2021.

No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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