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5 Canva Uses to Manage Your Social Pages

When it comes to creating engaging and unique content on social media, it can sometimes feel like a beast that consistently needs to be fed. And with data showing that visual content is received better by users, creating aesthetically pleasing designs to help convert your followers can become a particularly time-consuming task.

As with any work task that needs doing, it’s important to make anything that’s time-consuming, time efficient. And that’s we’re Canva comes in. Looking for an easy social media graphic design tool? You’ve come to the right place.

Designing graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even your email newsletter is infinitely easier with this drag-and-drop tool. To help you assess how Canva can help your social media profile grow, here are five ways Canva can help you manage social media.

1. Facebook cover photos

Your Facebook Cover photo is the first thing your audience sees when clicking onto your profile. Taking valuable real estate on your page, Facebook Cover images give your audience an instant impression about who your brand is and what you can offer them. Changing up your Facebook cover photo periodically is smart because:

  1. It allows you to highlight something specific.
  2. It shows that you’re active, engaged and care about your audience.
  3. It instantly shows elements of your brand personality through the use of font, colors, and design.

Canva has thousands of free Facebook Cover templates that are professionally designed and ready to be customized with a few clicks. They’re already the right dimensions, so you can be sure to get a pixel-perfect design every time.

2. Branded images

In a sharing economy, there’s no point creating beautiful, bespoke images that get reposted with no mention of the brand you have worked hard to build.

Canva makes branding images as simple as a drag and drop. Whether you choose to use your logo, social media handles, or a hash tag, what was once a time-consuming task will only take a few minutes?

Canva’s transparency tool also means that branding your images can look sleek and non-invasive to the viewer.

3. Pinterest graphics

Pinterest remains an acquisition opportunity for users to find and engage with content and lead them back to your product, blog, or homepage. As a brand or business, you want your website to be the hub of your online presence, and you want people to easily be able to pin your blog posts and page content to their own Pinterest boards.

Whether you want to point Pinterest users back to a blog post, or simply get them to save an inspirational quote, Canva has thousands of Pinterest graphics in various shapes and sizes that will allow you to create a design that stands out.

4. Reviews

One fundamental principle that marketers often use in marketing psychology is social proofing. And one of the easiest ways to show social proof of your brand and help potential customers trust you is through reviews. To make your reviews stand out.

To design a review on Canva, simply choose a template that matched your required dimensions and customize the graphic elements to suit your brand guide. Reviews can be used anywhere. They can be used as social media posts, on your website page, or even in a presentation.

5. Instagram Stories

With reports suggesting that Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users 500 million of them are using Instagram Stories every day—when it comes to engaging with potential customers, it’s worth investing your time into Instagram Storie’s marketing.

With hundreds of Instagram Stories templates to choose from, using templates makes it easier to give your marketing efforts a polished and strategic impact. Using templates will also save you time.

This Content has originally written by Canva team and published on August 27, 2020. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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