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4 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Important For Personal Branding

Here Are 4 Reasons Why A Personal Brand On LinkedIn Is Important

LinkedIn is an extremely impressive platform if you take the time and energy to understand it. Instead of using it merely as a CV or lurker, you can build a strong personal brand on it. 

Why you should have a personal brand

Personal branding is such an important part of a successful business nowadays. Not only is your personal brand an extension of your business brand, but it can also be your business brand altogether (many entrepreneurs tend to launch businesses in their name). 

By utilizing a platform, like LinkedIn, you build your social media presence so that you raise awareness to you and your brand, the value you bring to the table, the expertise and solutions you have for your ideal clients, and the impact it will have to make their lives better. 

A huge part of marketing yourself and your brand is the behaviors of people in general. Remember, people buy from people and as you continue to show up, deliver value, and establish credibility, you make people more susceptible to listen to you, follow you, and buy from you.

Aside from the statistics above, here are some more to drive the point home:

  • 82% of people are very likely to buy from brands they already have experience with.
  • 74% of people grow loyal to a brand after regularly interacting with their online content.

By establishing a strong personal brand, you build connections with your ideal customers and engage with them. By creating this relationship, they will be more likely to buy from you.

  • 83% of users appreciate it when brands respond to questions on social media.
  • 85% of people say video content allows them to connect with brands more effectively.
  • 77% of people say they follow brands that provide useful content.

With LinkedIn, you have easy access to communicate and respond to client questions and concerns. As video content is growing, LinkedIn live streams provide a great opportunity to further connect with your target audience, build trust, and provide useful information.

Why have a personal brand on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is such a powerful tool! The platform has been around for 18 years and has established itself as the most trusted social network in the U.S. (73% of social media users agree that LinkedIn protects their privacy and data compared to 53% for Facebook).

Let’s take a further look as to why LinkedIn is the best platform to build your personal brand.

1. It’s scalable

While LinkedIn only allows you to have up to 30,000 connections, there are 310 million active monthly users on LinkedIn. That means the reach potential of people seeing your profile and your content is tremendous!

By building a strong personal brand and updating your profile to be a strong landing page, you can reach millions of people easily. More reach equals more leads.

2. LinkedIn is the most trusted platform

While people tend to spend more time on other social media networks, they invest time and money on LinkedIn. According to Insider Intelligence’s 2020 Digital Trust Report, LinkedIn ranked as the most trusted platform for 4 years in a row.

By creating and building your personal brand on LinkedIn, you not only validate that you’re trustworthy but also establish credibility. People care about authenticity.

3. You show up on Google

LinkedIn’s platform operates as a search engine and with that, SEO plays a huge role in how you can be found. Whenever you create a LinkedIn profile, a public version is shared to their member directory so search engines, like Google, index and populate your results! 

Because you’re easily found on Google, we highly recommend optimizing your LinkedIn page as a landing page to showcase your skills, expertise, and personal brand.

4. Just launched Creator Mode

LinkedIn cares about creators and is always coming out with new updates to help users build an audience and amplify their voice. More recently, LinkedIn introduced Creator Mode that makes it easier for users to showcase their content and grow their reach. 

According to LinkedIn, “Turning on creator mode more prominently displays your content and encourages others to follow you.”

The features of Creator mode as:

  • Connect button changes to Follow
  • The number of followers you have display in your profile
  • You can select to display your content topics
  • Featured and Activity sections will show first
  • Your Activity section will showcase more of your recent content as opposed to your engagement activity on others

Why is this important? LinkedIn values its creators. Since there is only a top 1% of users consistently posting valuable content, LinkedIn finds ways to support them and boost their efforts.

As the number of members on the platform increases, it’s your chance to shine and take advantage of the high demand of valuable content, while there’s a low supply of creators. 

The best part? Because there are not a lot of creators generating content daily, the potential for organic reach and growth is substantial. LinkedIn is such a powerful platform and creating content doesn’t need to be complicated. Text posts work very well, so you don’t have to worry about curating high quality photos or videos to get noticed, like you do for other social media platforms. 

What are you waiting for?

LinkedIn is hands down the best platform to build your personal brand!

This Content has originally written by Salina Yeung and published on June 17, 2021.

No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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