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5 Ways Leaders Can Grow Their Personal Brand on LinkedIn

How can leaders grow their personal brands on LinkedIn? With over 810 million members, LinkedIn is one of the largest social networking sites for organizations and professionals. For lead generation, it is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter.  The purpose of LinkedIn is to drive customers to your brand at the same time as enhancing your professional reputation. Become an active …

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4 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Important For Personal Branding

Here Are 4 Reasons Why A Personal Brand On LinkedIn Is Important LinkedIn is an extremely impressive platform if you take the time and energy to understand it. Instead of using it merely as a CV or lurker, you can build a strong personal brand on it.  Why you should have a personal brand Personal branding is such an important …

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How networking can build your Personal Brand

Networking is essential for business, and has always been one of the most powerful and effective forms of marketing for many professionals. Even top-level Director’s take time out of their busy day to meet up and network with likeminded professionals and industry leaders. While we could say that this is a way of keeping the best contacts and connections on …

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14 LinkedIn Strategies That Will Help You Grow Your Personal Brand

A personal brand is your calling card. Just as you instantly know that Apple stands for easy-to-use cool and sleek, you too need to project a readily understandable, engaging image. That’s your brand. It helps sell and market you so you people know what you’re about. Here is where LinkedIn comes into play. It’s by far the best platform for …

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