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Signs of Unhealed Trauma

The unfortunate truth is that childhood trauma doesn’t magically disappear once you hit adulthood. Many of us grew up in pretty dysfunctional families. ⁠Whether it was your constantly fighting parents or a completely toxic environment that hardly resembled an average family, you likely experienced some sort of childhood.

Unhealed Trauma may look like

  1. Low sense of self worth
  2. Codependency in relationships
  3. Fear of being abandoned
  4. Putting your need aside for other people
  5. Always fearing what might happen next
  6. Resisting positive change
  7. Tolerating abusive behaviors from others
  8. Difficulty standing up for yourself and asserting boundaries

What is trauma?

Trauma is described as an experience of severe psychological distress following any terrible or life-threatening event. But it’s not about the memory, it’s about how our bodies perceive that memory. the memories can feel as if they are happening all over again like we’re stuck in the past.⁠

Though other kinds of trauma can happen, physical/sexual abuse⁠

It doesn’t always have to leave physical traces behind, and you may not even be aware that some of your behaviors actually stem from a traumatic past.

By becoming aware of your patterns, you learn to think differently and start protecting yourself while healing from old, destructive wounds.⁠

Getting a therapist who understands abuse, trauma-bonding, or attachment trauma can help you work through the original traumas and get you on the path to recovery.

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Jyoti Dadlani, an award-winning Psychologist and POSH trainer, Jyoti Dadlani is the founder of Cerebro Vocational Planet. She has 15+ years of experience in enhancing human capabilities and skills through behavioral sciences and techniques. Apart from being a psychologist and a POSH trainer, Jyoti has proven expertise as a Relationship expert, leadership coach and career counsellor.

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