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5 Best Indoor Plants for Filling A Corner in Your Living Room

Add glamour and green vibe to the section of your rooms by taking ideas from these Stunning Indoor Plant Corners for having fabulous indoor decor!

We all have one. An empty corner that you could style a few ways, but just never have. Our current favorite solution? A big, leafy plant. Not quite a tree, but a plant that’s larger than your average monstera. Keep reading for a variety of plant babies that will instantly brighten up your home.

1. Palm Plants

There are so many different palms to choose from. The parlour, majesty, and fan palm plants have many thin leaves while the ponytail palm has more of a real trunk and resembles the classic palms you associate with warm weather climates. Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with a palm plant.

Light type: Medium to bright

2. Rubber Tree

We like to think of the Rubber Tree as a cousin to the hard-to-kill ZZ plant. Rubber trees are fairly low-maintenance, are easy to find in a variety of sizes, and have darker, thick leaves that make it perfect for a minimalist space.

Light type: Medium to bright

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The ficus that started it all! By now, we all know even the most devoted plant parents have trouble keeping fickle fiddles alive and prospering.

Light type: Bright

4. Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is a go-to alternative to the Fiddle Leaf Fig for a few reasons. It’s similar in size, is marginally easier to keep alive, and has flowers that actually bloom. We like that it has big, thick fronds, not a trunk.

Light type: Medium to bright

5. Dracaena Lisa Plant

If you’re looking for a plant that grows taller, not wider, the Dracaena family is a good place to start your search. This distinctive plant has stalks that more closely resemble the bamboo plant.

Light type: Low to medium

This Content has originally written by Alyssa Clough and published on February 24, 2018. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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Photo by Alp Duran on Unsplash

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