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7 Myths About Health Coaching

Eat right, exercise daily, manage your stress levels – we’re all aware of things that are crucial to maintaining good health. So why do we struggle to keep at it, despite having all the information we need?

It’s because ‘knowledge is power, but without action, it is useless.’ Often, people have a hard time putting things into practice since they don’t have someone to keep them accountable or are overwhelmed with all the advice they’ve received. 

Let’s understand what the role of a Health Coach really is

By definition, “A health coach is trained in lifestyle medicine such as nutrition, stress, sleep and fitness, analyses their lifestyle and works collaboratively with the client to come up with a plan to help them achieve their goals.” 

However, there are several myths about health coaching which can prevent you from having a clear picture if and when you decide to invest in one. Let’s break these down.

Busting myths related to Health Coaches

Myth #1: Health Coaches are helpful only for people suffering from health issues.

Fact: Health Coaches can help anyone and not just those with specific health concerns. Most people may think they’re 100% on track with their health – A health coach may identify the nuances that could still be an issue even if one may not immediately see their visible impacts.

For instance, eating slowly and mindfully can significantly impact digestion, yet how many of us practice this? Health coaches have a holistic approach to improving people’s lives.  They’re trained to identify and guide you to achieve optimal health outcomes, from enhancing immunity or fertility to losing weight, building muscle, improving sleep and focus, or eliminating food sensitivities.  

Myth #2: Health Coaches judge your weight or your lifestyle habits.

Fact: Health Coaches have been in your shoes as well. They understand that health is never linear. They’ve chosen to dedicate their lives to supporting people because they want to understand clients and help them get unstuck, guiding them to make changes to feel at their best. Your goal is their goal, and they’re dedicated to help you achieve it with zero judgement.

Myth #3: Health Coaches are directive and strict.

Fact: Health coaching is a collaborative endeavour between coach and client. Coaches never approach any interaction from a place of superiority. They don’t simply tell you what to do — they equip you with the tools and the mindset you need to make the best decisions for your wellbeing.

Myth #4: Health Coaches offer standard plans just like the many programs online. 

Fact: Health Coaches spend time understanding your concerns and offer suggestions that are specifically suited for you. They provide clear recommendations based on your personal goals by combining behaviour change techniques and lifestyle modifications. From empowering clients with resources to breaking it down into tiny steps — health coaches believe that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is never the way to go.

Myth #5: Health Coaches are in perfect health and know it all. 

Fact: Health Coaches are proactively working on their health journey as well! While they may come from different walks of life, they all still have one thing in common — they’ve all faced their challenges on the road to achieving and maintaining good health. They’re as human as you are and are constantly learning and growing to offer the best to their clients.

Myth #6: Health Coaches are against Western medicine.

Fact: Lifestyle modifications can help prevent long-term health conditions and manage any existing health issues. Changes such as improved eating habits, sleeping on time, and regular exercise could improve several health indicators. That being said, Health Coaches understand the importance of medication to treat certain conditions and are fully supportive of them where required.

Myth #7: Health Coaches burn a hole in your pocket.

Fact: Health Coaching is cheaper than the potential medical costs if you don’t take good care of yourself. Look at it as an investment in yourself. We’re quick to spend on the latest shoes, phones, etc., but are apprehensive about investing the same on the things that can have a long-term impact on our health and our loved ones. What would life look like a year from now if you started investing in taking care of yourself? 

At the end of the day…

Health Coaches believe in a trial and success method as the process is all about learning. If something doesn’t work, they’re always open to understanding and making appropriate suggestions — keeping in mind that we’re all different with different needs. You’re in the driving seat of your health journey — coaches are simply here to show you the way.

This Content has originally written by Pooja Naik and published on Nov 16, 2021. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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