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Essential Kitchen Design Tips to Keep in Mind

Kitchen has been such an important part of house so as well our daily routine. Imagine there would have been no kitchen; the house would have been so empty, so as no noise of whistle of cooker, no noise of crockery, no noise of vessels. We would have been literally empty brains and forget that there would have been no food to eat, to survive. Kitchen being an essential part and daily chaos. From an interior designer’s view understand how much Kitchen is important and how beautifully you can décor and design it.

Kitchen is your state of mind. Yes, it is true. Your kitchen represents your home, of course living room comes first but it holds the equal importance.

Kitchen is a sign of mind. The messy the kitchen, the chaotic is your mind and the “Cleaner the kitchen represents your clean thoughts”.

Keeping your kitchen organized is super important even if your maids and cooks using the kitchen train them to keep it clean and organized.

Make sure your kitchen is well designed, well operational, well functional and well organized.

Most commonly Indian kitchens are kept less in priority of spending. But you should be keeping a decent amount for kitchen designing.

Here are some basic points to keep in mind will designing your Kitchen:

  • Functional Triangle
  • Provision for Cutlery, cup, saucer and plates.
  • Sufficient space for storage bottles and boxes
  • Ensure you have dry and wet kitchen
  • Defined space for all appliances with extra electric points
  • If possible natural light and green corner
  • Proper light and every corner is utilized smartly
  • Inculcate high breakfast table

We hope you like the article and it helps your “Daily Katha”(Kitchen tales). Try to keep it simpler and organized. Have a HAPPY KITCHEN.

Written by-

Rinkal Shah, owner of a firm named Niwasa Design Studio. She has worked under various famous architects in Pune & Mumbai for 7 years. Her love towards art, photography and travelling has led her to start her own firm in 2015. Luxury projects are her specialty. Giving a new lifestyle with upcoming trends and styles is her forte. She is always keen to take up new commercial and residential assignments and projects in Pune & Mumbai.

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Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

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