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Questions to Make Your Kid Really Talk- Conversation Starters

How was your school today? The most annoying question for each kid asked by their parents. To connect with your child, you have to make them talk. But what type of questions parents should ask their kids to open up about their life. While sitting at family dinner try some fun conversation starters which encourage your kids to talk and you will have so much fun packed family time at the dinner table.

How to get your child to open up?

Sometimes your kids get bored with the same questions and they just ignore, stop responding or just nod a head in reply. How would you make them talk and open up their feelings in front of you?

It’s hard to open up when your child is an introvert or dealing with anxiety. You have to set some family rituals like always have dinner together or have a half an hour gadget-free time to discuss daily life with family. These ways you can start a real conversation and create a friendly environment in the house where everybody is excited to talk.

You would try to have some family dinner conversations and remember, start with yourself.

You have to take charge of having table talk. Tell about your day at the house or office first, then try to ask about your kid’s day. Tell about your wishes and ask your son or daughter what he/she wants to do in the future.

Creative Family Conversation Starters for Kids

1 What fun thing happened today?

2 What do you like to do with the time travel machine?

3 Who seems so kind today?

4 What’s difficult today, how did you overcome it?

5 If you got 100 Bucks what do you purchase?

6 What’s your favourite weekend spot?

7 If you want to change one thing in your room, what will be it?

8 Which superhero do you want to become?

9 Choose one place to travel.

10 Who is the most boring/good person at school?

11 One good and bad thing about your friends.

12 If you can cook, what do you make?

13 Guess ingredients of the today’s dinner.

14 If you are in trouble, whom will you call first?

15 One chore you want to skip.

16 What is your favourite/boring subject in school?

17 Tell one good and bad thing about your mom and dad.

18 If you want to change birth order then who will be your eldest/youngest sibling?

19 If your favorite actor is our neighbour, what will you do?

20 If you can make invisible one thing, name that.

21 Choose five people to go with you on an island.

22 If you write a comic book, who will be in your gang?

23 If you can choose colors of nature, which color you choose for tree/ocean/vegetables??

24 Your three wishes you want to fulfill.

25 If you have a toy store, what will you do?

26 Three rules you want to make for school.

27 If you have to choose your own name, what will be it?

28 If mom is not at home and you are alone, what will you do?

29 Your favorite movie(discuss the end and characters)

30 Which magic do you want to learn?

31 What you can eat a whole day?

32 Which 3 toys you will keep till you grow?

33 What are your favorite words?

34 The best moment of your life.

35 With whom you like to spend your time more?

36 What’s your favorite dress/ Whose dressing style do you like most?

37 Tell me about your favorite sport.

38 Switch size of animals. (which animal you want to be small and which one should be big)

39 Do you want a pet? Name it.

40 Which thing scares you most?

41 Give a name to each family member with your favourite movie/cartoon character.

42 Which job would you like to do when you grow up?

43 What’ s makes you uncomfortable?

44 Imagine you will become __, what will you do?

You might know your kid so give him options like the president, school principal, his favorite sportsperson, or any funny thing like animal or bird) You can have as many variations as you want.

45 Which activities we have to do more as a family?

46 Which one thing makes you feel glad today?

47 Do you have anything to share with us?

48 Which things you are good at?

49 How to make someone happy?

50 What’s more fun reading books, craft activities, science projects or just playing outside and why so?

51 If I buy a robot for you, what will you do with it?

This Content has originally written by Arti Yadav and published on May 6, 2020. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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Photo credit to Ron Lach from Pexels

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