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Best and Most Beautiful Nail Shapes for Your Hands

Getting the most out of your manicure begins with not just your nail color but your nail shape. From round, oval, square, almond, and ballerina or stilettos, there are many nail shapes to choose from. The nails you wear will dramatically alter the look of your hands, and you must think about your nail shape before going for color or artistic styling. …

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Best Behind-the-ear Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos behind the ear are the best ones to hide up! It is like a tiny secret that those creative people carry about in their pockets. A behind-ear neck tattoo may be difficult to notice; it allows you to indulge in that little secret only you know. 1. Date Tattoo Many people prefer to have important dates inked on their …

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Can getting a scalp massage regularly give you thicker hair?

If hair thinning is causing you much trouble, then the first thing to try is a scalp massage. Don’t we all love massages? Just the thought of getting one makes you feel relaxed and how! Although massages can be of all kinds, we are going to speak about the good old scalp massage or champi that was recommended by our nanis and dadis. There’s no …

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