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Home Gardening Essentials: How to Water Houseplants

Your plants are more likely to die from too much water than too little. Here’s what you need to know to avoid either scenario. Watering your houseplants sounds simple enough, yet it’s something many of us struggle with doing correctly. That’s because there are actually many variables that can make it tricky to know exactly when to water and how …

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Tips and Tricks For Windowsill Growers

Even if you do not have the use of any outside space, there are still some clever ways to make the most of whatever inside space is available to you. On a sunny windowsill, you can grow a lot more than you might think possible. So let’s scale things down here and talk about how you can maximize yield and …

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Propagating ZZ plants is a fun way to expand your collection, or share with friends. ZZ plants (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) are simple to propagate right at home. In fact, it’s something anyone can tackle, even the newest gardeners. ZZ PLANT PROPAGATION METHODS There are a few methods you can use to propagate ZZ plants. Whether you have individual leaves, stem cuttings, …

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