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Dealing with emergencies at work or in private life can be very frustrating and exhausting. It’s important that we know how to relieve stress naturally and relax regularly so that those small everyday troubles don’t pile up and become an actual threat to our physical and mental health in the long run. THE CON’S OF STRESS Stress is known to …

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Mental Exhaustion Symptoms & Recovery Tips!

8 Warning Signs You Need A Mental And Emotional Rest! You know when you’re out of physical energy, but what about mental energy? These mental exhaustion symptoms might not be so obvious and re-energizing might not be as simple as a good night’s sleep. Interesting fact: Albert Einstein had multiple sets of the same clothes so he wouldn’t have to use any …

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Can Yoga Help With Depression?

Yoga reaches to all the aspects of the human body. You might think that it’s only for improving breathing, stretching and correcting your posture but it is much more than that. Yoga can not only help you get in touch with your body but also your mind and soul! It focuses on the pure energies of your body, soul, and …

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