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10 Top Diwali Party Decoration Ideas

The festival of Diwali inspires images of sparking lights, lovely diyas and mouth-watering eats. We’ve curated some terrific party decoration ideas to make your home the talk of the town this festive season!

1. DIY Rangoli Paper Lanterns

If you have some time to spare, check out some DIY videos online which will show you how to make these stunning rice paper lanterns at home. For a Diwali theme, you could try decorating the four surfaces with hand-drawn diyas or rangolis.

2. Party Activities: Decorate Your Own Diya!

A fun-filled and creative activity that your younger guests could participate in, would be to paint their own diyas! Have an assortment of plain mud diyas at hand, and a decoration kit that includes a variety of paints, brushes, glitter, glue and mirrors. The most creatively decorated diya will win a prize at the end.

3. Set The Theme With Marigold Streamers

Marigolds are flowers that are considered auspicious, and a streamer of bright yellow and orange marigolds at the door is a lovely way to welcome your guests home!

4. Decorate With Floating Flowers

A terracotta urn is filled with flower petals that are floating on water. Surround this pretty ensemble with a row of tiny terracotta diyas, and you can create a showstopper of a centrepiece in your living room.

5. Marigold Rangolis With Diyas As The Centrepiece

Floral rangoli is another great decorating idea, and very simple to make! If you have leftover marigolds from the toran at the doorway, use them to create a pretty floral rangoli. Embellish it with brightly hued diyas at the very centre.

6. Say It With Candles

Tea light candles in tiny glass votive holders, surrounded by little globes made of sting and glue, can add bits of magical sparkle to the darkest corner.

7. A String Of Good Wishes!

You must have received a ton of Diwali greeting cards! Acknowledge your friends by displaying the cards on a string that can run through one wall of your party room. Make sure you fasten them securely with clothes pegs so that they don’t fall off.

8. Don’t Throw Away That Mason Jar!

A mason jar can be upcycled into a glittering little lamp, with a string of fairy lights stuffed into it. Now that’s as pretty as pretty can be!

9. Mandalas For Decoration

Mandalas represent a mind-body-soul connect, and can be used as a symbolic festival decoration at Diwali time. Get your scissors out and make some Mandala cut-outs. String them up or suspend them from the ceiling to add to the traditional look in the room.

10. DIY String Balls

There are many DIY videos you can find online that show easy ways of making these pretty little yarn balls. All you need are bits of coloured yarn, a few balloons and glue. Hang them at staggered heights and string some coloured lights around them for a unique, handmade party décor idea.

This Content has originally written by USHA BALASUBRAMANYAN and published on November 2, 2020. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended. Click Here to read Original.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

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