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12 Habits Of Good Leaders

It feels like some people are just naturally good leaders. But the truth is that leadership is a skill that’s learned.

There are 12 habits of good leaders that you can learn to practice that will make you a better leader.

1. A good leader has integrity.

Above all else, a good leader has integrity. Integrity encompasses so many small things, but in general it means doing what is wise, what is right, and what is best. A leader with integrity values people and the team ahead of results and tasks.

2. A good leader is transparent.

An effective leader is transparent. Transparency means openness. Line of communication are open between the leadership and the team. Things are not hidden, secretive, or unknown. A transparent leader has the team’s best interest in mind.

3. A good leader is honest.

You need to be honest if you want to be a good leader. You must be forthcoming and tell the truth. This means that you will have trust and respect with your subordinates.

4. A good leader takes initiative.

A good leader takes initiative and is willing to go first. She will make tough choices and be decisive. While the good leader takes initiative, she hesitates to use her power in a dictatorship way. She doesn’t lead with fear; she leads out of her heart.

5. A good leader is accountable.

If you want to be a good leader, you have to be accountable to yourself and your team. Take responsibility for your failures. Do not give excuses or blame others, and be able to sincerely apologize.

6. A good leader is a visionary.

An effective leader will have a vision. The vision for the group is how the leader wants to make a difference. A leader’s visions is bigger than the leader or any other member of the team. A leader not only wants to make a change, but has the change in mind and is clear.

7. A good leader is organized and intentional.

A good leader is organized and intentional. The leader stays on track and plans ahead. This means focusing and planning so that you can stay organized and lead the team forward.

8. A good leader is reliable.

A good leader is reliable. The leader is on time and always keeps her commitments. A leader with integrity always keeps her commitments. If you just do everything you say you are going to do, you will be ahead of almost everyone! Someone who does what they say they are going to do and is reliable is set up to be a good leader.

9. A good leader has influence.

You have to have influence over people to be a good leader. Otherwise, you’re not a leader. If no one is following you, by definition, you’re not leading. Influence takes respect, expertise, and setting a good example. Good leaders know this.

10. A good leader listens.

If you want to be a good leader, you need to be a good listener.

Want to be a good listener? Be last to speak. You have to listen, sincerely, to your team and consider their thoughts and opinions. This means that you have to be approachable and encourage your team to come to you. Under good leadership, your team should think they are heard.

11. A good leader is an abundance thinker.

An effective leader is positive. She sets the tone for a good culture, doesn’t gossip, and draws people in with her attitude. A good leader is an abundant thinker in that she is confident, happy to share her knowledge, welcomes new people, and is optimistic about the future. A good leader is magnetic.

12. A good leader gives praise.

A good leader gives praise to whoever deserves it. She gives compliments and acknowledges hard work and results (even better if praise is given in front of peers).

This Content has originally written by Natalie Bacon and published on April 13, 2021. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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