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Important Questions To Ask Yourself For Growth

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be the architect of your own growth? Isn’t it exciting to have power because is empowerment?

Let’s look at the most pressing introspective questions:

What is the most important skill that I would like to have a control over? Beliefs if wrongly developed can break you. It can limit our personal growth. There are advantages to being self-independent. 
What do you feel you’re lacking in your life? Write it down on your vision board unless you can successfully crosss it out.
How do I get in my own power statement? We want everything yesterday. Take a moment today to pause, reflect and time your expectations.
What are my greatest fears? Fears are like a boat anchor while courage is like the motor. Ask your closed ones for what they perceive as the most fearful of.
What am I able to control in my life? Worrying about things that are outside of your control is a waste of time. Focus on the aspects you’re able to influence. Apply your thoughts, time, and effort accordingly.
What do I want to stand for?
 Focus on the aspects you’re able to have a command on. Are your visions inline with your core value system? Once they are, sky is your limit!
Who you want to be? This is very different from what you want to be. Your wants and needs belong to two different cabinets.
If I could accomplish one great thing in my life, what would it be?
 Think about that one long-lost dream or goal hidden in the deep corner of your heart. Then make a list of realistic steps you can take to achieve it.

Regardless of the source of your fears, it’s your life’s aim to steer past them.
Question yourself regularly; it is the best exercise that your mind and soul can have. Your drive is their fuel.
Fuel your happiness and race to the horizons!! Self-growth is unstoppable.

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Shilpa Sharma, She is a Certified Millennial Career Coach and also helps professionals to become their own career accelerators by equipping them with tools to avoid burn-out, eliminate future uncertainties and build an unstoppable confidence to have a career they have always dreamt of. She works with young mothers to get back to the hustle with the least self-doubt and utmost self-care. 

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Instagram: @shilpa_lifecoach

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