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7 Must Follow Morning Routines of Happy Couple

The morning routines most happy couples follow. In first place, you might wonder why the morning habits of couples are so much important. But they do matters. Having a cup of coffee with your love or have a nice walk together, never let love to be fade away after years of marriage.

These are some common daily morning habits of happy married couples which you need follow too:

Morning Habits of Happy Couple

1) A Gentle Wake up

Morning is messy. Everyone is in a hurry and the battle starts when an alarm rings!!!

You are in so much hurry to forget to be grateful for having a family. Someone who sleeps and wakes up next to you who is the reason you work so hard and sacrifice your own happiness. So take this 1 minute to see your love and wake him/her gently.

A morning that starts with yelling always ends up with an endless argument. So just give a gentle pat, a hug or good morning kiss work miracle as the first romantic thing you do for your partner.

This morning routine is a first step to make your morning a beautiful start of the day. These daily habits of a couple deeply create more connections which leads a happy and long term relationship.

2) Exercise & Meditate together

Exercise and Meditation are the keys to make you a healthier and happier person. A person who is fit by heart and mind always has a more peaceful morning.

When you do exercise together, it will give you a team spirit to achieve your fitness goal. Adding this habit into your morning schedule, couples can enjoy a sense of being together.

3) Be a Breakfast Buddy

After sweating up together take a bath and have a healthy breakfast. Having a sip of tea or coffee together adds so much conversation between husband and wife.

It’s proven the married couple who do breakfast together always have a good sense of understanding and fewer arguments. Having breakfast with your partner is one of the tiny healthy habits and a secret relationship tip that always strengthens your marriage.

4) Discuss more than plan

When you are having breakfast, you are generally complaining or just talking about meetings and obligations.

Try to have a light mood in the morning time. Discuss your favorite restaurant, funny incidents, sweet memories of marriage or anything that interests you both to discuss more.

A morning routine should not be typecast to plan only. Kickstart your morning by having some meaningful and fun conversation with your partner. Happy couples always make each other laugh.

5) Help in getting dressed

When the husband and wife both are working full time, the morning is Chaos. How about you take out some clothes for your husband/wife while he/she is busy with other work.

Choosing clothes for each other and with a sweet compliment is a magical relationship tip to impress your partner. Take care of each other’s choice while choosing clothes, don’t be so bossy.

Do you know our clothes have a memory too? That shirt on the left side of your closet is a gift from you on your hubby’s birthday and that black dress. was a gift from your husband on your anniversary.

6) Help each other in chores

Your spouse has to reach his office on time and at the same time, you are juggling between daily household work and children. How to feel romantic when you are panicking at every second in the morning?

The secret of a happy and healthy marriage is giving respect to each other. 

Why don’t you pour a cup of coffee for your wife when she is busy to ready your kids. How wonderful when you make your husband’ s favorite dish! These are small gestures of love and they are remarkable to save your marriage.

7) Goodbye kiss and say it

When your husband or wife is leaving shower some love by goodbye kiss and those three magical words.

No matter how old your marriage is, this simple gesture of love in the morning adds more love in your relationship.

After some years of marriage and having kids, you might be negating a beautiful relation between husband and wife. Even if in long term relationship “I love you” means a lot so text your partner everyday or say while he/she leaving home.

Having a morning habit to say goodbye and I love you is what happily married couples do religiously.

What are the common habits of happily married couples?

All happily married couples have love and respect which bonds couples unbreakable. For a long term and happy marriage, you need to shift your priorities.

The world we are living in always adding more responsibility, new roles and challenges. While having a family, sometimes the beautiful relation between husband and wife is set aside.

Follow some habits like rituals and the morning is the most ignorant time. Try these morning habits in your everyday life to grow your married life. Practice what happy couples always follow and never let that relationship die cold.

This Content has originally written by Arti Yadav and published on April 21, 2020. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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