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8 Tips To Maintain Feminine Hygiene

Here are 8 tips to help maintain a superb feminine and female  personal hygiene routine that you want to make sure you’re doing daily.  Be sure to add these to your daily hygiene routine checklist.

1. Stop wearing tight fitted clothing

Not only does it smother your body, it can limit movement and cause ingrown hairs where you shave.  Comfortably fitted clothing is best your “girl” can breathe.

2. Change out of wet clothes immediately

Whether your clothes are wet due to exercise or swimming, you don’t want to sit around in wet bottoms for an extended period of time.  For one it can start smelling moldy as well as harbor bacteria.  Bacteria thrive in warm, damp places.  Wash off and change into dry clothes as soon as you can.

3. Stop washing with perfumed soaps

This one right here. It can be harsh on the skin and the lady bits are even more sensitive so you don’t want to wash it with harsh chemicals.

It can dry out your skin as well as aggravate and upset your natural pH balance there. ONLY wash it with plain warm water. Don’t use soap on it at all.

4. Maintain your annual gynecological exams

Once a woman begins menstruating and becomes sexually active it is imperative she begins to see a gynecologist annually.  Those health checks normally include a pap smear to check the cervix health as well as a well-woman check to make sure the vagina is disease free and healthy. A lot can happen in a year so make sure you see your doctor at least once a year.

5. Listen to your body

If the condition of anything down there changes or becomes uncomfortable call your physician to get checked out.  Just like the previous tip, pay attention to your body and learn your body so you can potentially catch any issues before they become big health issues.

6. Drink copious amounts of water

This one may sound strange but you are what you eat and drink.  Water helps flush out toxins from your body and maintains a healthy pH balance throughout your body period, especially the vagina, so drink at least 74 ounces of water a day to keep everything copacetic.

7. Stop douching

This is one of the lessons many of us learned from older women which can be detrimental to vaginal health.  Douching can be harmful and is unnecessary because as previously mentioned, your body cleans itself and douching washes away all of the good bacteria your vagina needs to maintain good health.

8. Reduce the amount of acidic food you eat and drink

This one may sound strange too; you want to eat a balance diet so your body is balanced.  So slow down on the acidic foods and increase consumption of alkaline foods.  Your body will thank you for it.

This Content has originally written by Coach Dee and published on August 27, 2018. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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