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9 Best Birthday Party Themes for Kids

We know it can be hard to decide on a party theme that you and all your guests will enjoy. So here are some suggestions for your kids birthday party themes generator that will give you all kinds of joy for the big day.

  • Carnival Fun

Keep things feeling festive with a carnival party! Rent a large tent and create your own fun games. Send guests home with kettle corn party favors.

  • Circus Soiree

Who doesn’t love a circus party! Give guests rubber noses as party favors and fill a piñata with boxes of circus animal cookies.

  • Princess Celebration

Who doesn’t love a princess party? Keep the outfits, decorations and cake for this party pink frilly and fun. Make sure party guests get their own tiaras!

  • Rainbow Celebration

An easy and festive birthday option! Decorate with colorful streamers, serve vibrant fruit and drinks and DIY this candle holder from Sugar and Cloth for the rainbow centerpiece.

  • Mermaid Merriment

You’re never too old to be a mermaid! Decorate in tones of deep blue and purple for this party and serve lots of seafood. The birthday kid should get a crown made of shells.

  • Dinosaur Jam

Your little monster will love a dinosaur party. Play pin the tail on the T-Rex for a prehistoric twist on the birthday classic!

  • A Chocolate Occasion

Try this crowd pleaser birthday party! Start with Fork & Beans chocolate pinata cakes and have a truffle eating contest.

  • Farm Festivity

A fun theme for any age! Think modern hoe-down for adults or a petting zoo adventure for little kids. Hay bale decorations are a must!

  • Sports Party

Sports make an easy and customizable party theme! Whatever your sport of choice, make sure you get a game going to burn off the birthday cake!

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