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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself For Weight Loss Journey

Starting and sticking to a healthy weight loss plan can sometimes seem impossible.Often, people simply lack the motivation to get started or lose their motivation to keep going. Luckily, motivation is something you can work to increase. 1. Determine Why You Want to Lose Weight Clearly define all the reasons you want to lose weight and write them down. This …

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10 Home Remedies for Less Painful Periods

Most of the time, menstrual cramps can be treated by women at home. But if your pain is severe and impacts your lifestyle, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. You might need medicines that are only available by prescription or some other treatment to help. To help reduce period pain, here are 10 safe and effective home remedies …

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10 Best Vitamin D Rich Foods to Add to Your Daily Diet

Produced by the body, vitamin D is the result of your skin being vulnerable to sunlight. The recent few decades have shown a decline in the consumption of vitamin-rich healthy foods and a rapid emergence in the fast-food industry, enabling people to live on an unhealthy diet. Vitamin D deficiency can result in cognitive impairment, especially in older people. In …

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Sedentary Lifestyle: Effects and Tips to Overcome It

When we give in to indulgences and fall into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle, we opt for minimal to no physical activity. Sedentary living has increased dramatically over the past few decades due to modern inventions that make our lives easier. People leading a sedentary life hate to spend energy or invest physical effort in getting their work done. Their inactive behavior involves tendencies …

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10 Sustainable Weight Loss ways in Your 30s

Your health should be a main priority throughout your life, including in your 30’s. For some people, losing excess body weight can improve several aspects of their physical health, including their blood sugar and blood pressure levels, inflammatory markers, and mobility. Plus, reaching a healthy and sustainable body weight may improve your self-confidence, body image, health-related quality of life, and …

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Mindful Eating for Beginners

Mindful eating is a technique that helps you gain control over your eating habits. It has been shown to promote weight loss, reduce binge eating, and help you feel better. What is mindful eating? Mindful eating is based on mindfulness, a Buddhist concept. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that helps you recognize and cope with your emotions and physical …

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