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How to activate the inner healer

Inner healing is the powerful existence of energy within us that we as a person consciously choose. The moment we awaken this healing power, the very moment, we are in harmony with our internal world and the external world. What we need to focus on is how we achieve this harmony and unlock our inner healer. The key to this lock is when we choose to accept this power and consciously make an effort to connect with it.

Steps to connect with our internal world:

  • Gratitude: You must have heard about being grateful and why we should be grateful even for the smallest blessing in our life. What happens is that when we follow the path of being grateful, we induce receptiveness in our life, allow ourselves to appreciate everything in life, and help us to forgive others as well as ourselves for anything that we felt bad about or felt hurt for.

By developing forgivingness we do not become the weaker person; however, what we truly become is a better version of ourselves. We learn acceptance and open up to embracing ourselves as a loving and abundant person. With forgiveness also comes the feeling of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-compassion: whoever thought that these values come from outside validation needs some self-introspection. Is it true?? Do we truly need validation from others for what and how we feel about ourselves?? Do we need them to define our worth?

Very often people ask about the true meaning of the word compassion. Compassion is when we are willing to tend to our wounds (emotional and physical) with acceptance, understanding, and unconditional love as if we were tending to someone else whom we love unconditionally.

  • Once we develop the feeling of true acceptance, we need to choose health by forming our own beliefs rather than accepting those given to us by others: We need to understand that each individual has their independent journey and their own path. The process of building our own beliefs involves letting go of the limiting beliefs of our life. Letting go of those beliefs creates a roadblock in the flow of the life force within us thus, resulting in illness, diseases, and unhappiness. By reconnecting to the belief system that is positive for us, we are re-building our internal world and re-connecting with it. By doing so we also move on the path leading to self-development, expanding our energy, and opening ourselves to new choices.
  • Other options: Include Yoga and deep breathing exercises as well as meditation that help us in connecting to the now, as well as to the positive energies of the universe. These activities not just help us to connect with our inner self but also help us in bridging the gap between the two worlds and balancing our life to the optimum level. They help us in exploring our life path and moving towards enlightenment.

All the above methods are a quick and easy start towards building that connection with our inner being, our inner world, our inner healer, and our existence.

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Shweta Jain

Shweta is a Wellness Coach, Student Coach, and Life Coach, based in Delhi/NCR. Her life mission is to assist people in coping with and finding solutions to their emotional, mental, and physical blockages. Thereby, leading to better personal and professional relationships and empathetic understanding amongst their family, friends, and most importantly with themselves.

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This Content has originally written by Shweta Jain and published on June 10, 2021. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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