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How to Deal with Rejection: Healthy Ways To Process Getting Told ‘No’

In life, we are going to interact with people who are going to tell us, “No.” Whether in relationships, job environments, or anywhere else we might request or propose something – rejection is something we will all experience.  Maybe we wanted a toy as a child, and our parents told us, “No.” Some adults feel so overwhelmed by the prospect …

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How to become a Leader with higher IQ

Having a high degree of emotional intelligence (E.Q.) allows you to be able to relate and motivate others to share your objective and vision in a precise manner. Try these methods to dramatically raise your E.Q. and accomplish the unimaginable:  Increase your self-awareness. Have total faith and trust in what you do. Try not to compromise your values for any other …

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How to activate the inner healer

Inner healing is the powerful existence of energy within us that we as a person consciously choose. The moment we awaken this healing power, the very moment, we are in harmony with our internal world and the external world. What we need to focus on is how we achieve this harmony and unlock our inner healer. The key to this …

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Rejection: Not the end of the road

Rejection can put you off but it’s not the end of the road. It is a part of life that everyone must face in order to succeed. While rejection isn’t enjoyable, it’s rarely fatal.  Try these strategies to deal with rejection effectively, so you can continue your way to greatness: Grieve and reflect a little. When something doesn’t work the way …

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