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How to become a Leader with higher IQ

Having a high degree of emotional intelligence (E.Q.) allows you to be able to relate and motivate others to share your objective and vision in a precise manner.

Try these methods to dramatically raise your E.Q. and accomplish the unimaginable: 

Increase your self-awareness. Have total faith and trust in what you do. Try not to compromise your values for any other temporary gain.

Have a higher intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivation. Recognize your passion by learning to be motivated by your internal compass rather than external forces and situations. 

Increase your awareness about others. Show genuine concern for others and learn how to actively listen. Having a sense of relatability and sensitivity towards others can lead to higher predictability

Don’t give up on yourself. Repeat to yourself: you are the maker of your own dreams.

Respect yourself.  Know the limitations of your body, mind, and spirit and strive for balance. Imbalance leads to stress.

Become aware of your flaws and limitations. Keep a big room for improvement and be accepting of change.

Self-discipline and self-management.Take complete ownership and accountability for your behavior, attitudes, and actions.

Be Empathetic. A good leader often puts himself in others’ shoes to analyse a situation. Distribute responsibilities by being cognizant of others’ weaknesses and strengths to motivate them in the right direction using the right set of expectations.

Practice appreciation and gratefulness. Take a step back, learn, unlearn and be grateful. Appreciate your place and power to lead others to prosperity. Your people skills are as important as your qualifications. 
These strategies will allow you to increase your E.Q and fully harness the talents and energy of others.

Written by

Shilpa Sharma

She is a Certified Millennial Career Coach and also help professionals to become their own career accelerators by equipping them with tools to avoid burn-out, eliminate future uncertainties and build an unstoppable confidence to have a career they have always dreamt of. She works with young mothers to get back to the hustle with least self-doubt and utmost self-care. 

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Instagram : @shilpa_lifecoach

This Content has originally written by Shilpa Sharma and published on September 24, 2020. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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