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Basics of exfoliation: Here’s how to get it right

Let’s admit it; we’re no longer obsessed with just cleansing our skin at the end of a long day. In the pursuit of a fresh, glowing face, exfoliation is the next step. An add-on to one’s regular cleansing routine, the products for exfoliation come with multiple ingredients, varied formulations and sometimes complicated application mechanisms that are bound to perplex even the most experienced skincare enthusiasts. We decode the process and products. 

Why exfoliate?

Our skin lives on a 28-day cycle where cells at the bottom of the epidermis gradually become harder as they keep coming back to the surface where they die and flake off to reveal new skin cells. This process slows down as you age. Add to that environmental factors and hormonal changes, and you have skin that looks dull and uneven.

The exfoliation process refines the outermost layer of our epidermis, cleaning away excess sebum and dead skin cells, and repairing dull skin. With regular regimes, the skin gets brighter; serums and moisturizers sink in effortlessly; and one looks fresher and more hydrated. So the health of your skin absolutely depends on exfoliation.

Methods of exfoliation

There is physical exfoliation and a chemical one. The former is about scrubbing on the outside – scrubbing with a brush or with a face scrub. A good scrub would mean rough particles nearly rubbing your skin to perfection with natural ingredients and micro granules. Chemical exfoliation employs acids to cleanse and scrub the skin from within, and uses products with ingredients like glycolic, salicylic or lactic acid to dissolve the dead skin cells.

Physical exfoliation

There are so many ways to do this. All you need to do is bring in a product that has fine particles that massage the skin and give it a good scrub. It is equally about finding the right exfoliates that don’t damage the skin and cause abrasions.

Rules of exfoliation

The better way to ensure your skin gets all the benefits while exfoliating is to stick to doing it at night. Use gentler products after exfoliation: A simple moisturizer will do the trick and don’t forget sunscreen the day after. And if you accidentally over exfoliate (yes, that happens) just give your skin a week’s rest and use something soothing, like aloe vera, on the skin. Most importantly, exfoliate only 2-3 times a week.

This Content has originally written by Latha Sunadh and published on August 8, 2021. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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