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Common Skin Care Beliefs : Myth or Truth?

Caring for your skin is often looked at as a luxury. But that is far from the truth. After all, it is the largest organ in our body. And like other aspects of your health, it deteriorates with time if we haven’t cared well for it. The good news, however, is that we can incorporate small, healthy skin care practices …

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Basics of exfoliation: Here’s how to get it right

Let’s admit it; we’re no longer obsessed with just cleansing our skin at the end of a long day. In the pursuit of a fresh, glowing face, exfoliation is the next step. An add-on to one’s regular cleansing routine, the products for exfoliation come with multiple ingredients, varied formulations and sometimes complicated application mechanisms that are bound to perplex even the …

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Rule to make your beauty routine sustainable

While there has been enough global attention given to making smarter fashion choices when shopping for clothes, not enough has been said about sustainable beauty. Especially, considering that the beauty industry has grown tenfold in recent years. The personal care industry is worth $500 billion per year, and one can only imagine the waste it produces. Considering that most beauty products …

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