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How to Control Sugar Cravings

Have you had a dessert craving so strong that only stops when you’ve finally given in? Your dinner doesn’t feel complete without candies. Or you crave chocolate at the same time every day. We’ve all been there. And in today’s age, where a slice of cake is a tap-of-a-button away, it takes a lot of self discipline to combat it. …

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This is a Mughlai Style rich and creamy meal maker curry. It is a vegan and gluten-free Indian curry recipe. Restaurant-style flavor, luscious texture, and the easiest cooking method are the highlight of this soya curry recipe. Often we are confined to paneer curry or dal makhani when it comes to a vegetarian Indian meal. However, the possibilities are endless, with vegan, plant-based …

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Healthy Pasta Salad Recipe

Before you take a look at some delicious healthy pasta salad recipes like the Waldorf salad let’s learn more about pasta, a staple of Italian cuisine which has captured hearts all across the globe. Pasta is a type of food that is made from wheat, buckwheat, or other types of flour and water. Some additional products like eggs and spices are also …

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Healthy Snack: Oats Aloo Cutlet Recipe

From kitty parties to family picnics, this recipe of Oats Aloo Cutlet will come handy for all occasions. Desi cutlets are to die for, and for good reason, but the unhealthy factor of a normal desi cutlet is quite high. Healthy versions of all these foods are in the rolls, so why should cutlets be left behind? Reduce your calorie …

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