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10 Fun Things to do as a couple at home instead of breaking the bank

Long working hours, having kids, so tired to go out, not having a budget or you are a lazy person. If you have any of these reasons, you might get bored and clueless about what to do on the weekend. You are looking for some cheap date night ideas at home to rekindle romance into your relationship. There are several …

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10 Ways To Fix A Toxic Relation

It’s a common refrain: relationships are hard work. Fights are normal and rough patches are par for the course. True as that may be, however, these platitudes can distract from legitimate causes for concern in one’s social and romantic life — including signs that a relationship may have become, or always was, toxic. What is a toxic relationship? Any relationship [between …

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Fighting Fair in a Relationship

Do happy couples argue? Is there a thing called fighting fair in relationships? The fact is all relationships, even healthy ones, will always have conflicts.  Relationship fight is a common part of married life. But things tend to get messy when you are no longer aware of how to fight.  Yes! There is a proper way to fight in a …

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5 Ways to Move on From an Ex You Still Love

KEY POINTS Getting over an ex you once loved begins with severing contact and letting go of the relationship you thought you could have had.Our past relationships last forever in our memories, how we feel when we think of them, and in the lessons they taught us.Moving on from a relationship that wasn’t working ultimately is about loving yourself which can …

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20 Indoor and Outdoor Hobbies for Couples to Do Together

Hobbies give people a creative outlet and a way to relieve themselves of stress. The more you work on them, the more you improve, leading to that wonderful sense of satisfaction we are all on the lookout for. If hobbies can work so wonderfully for individuals, enjoying a hobby with one’s partner can make it all the more special. How Do Couple Hobbies …

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