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5 Unique Strategies to Grow a Successful Business

There are many avenues a business owner can take to make their business successful. The measures of success can vary from person to person and it’s ultimately up to the business owner to decide what success looks like. However, there are a few approaches that entrepreneurs can adopt that may help them achieve the success they seek.

To help small business owners better understand strategies that could contribute to building a successful business, we’ve rounded up some of the best content from contributors.

1. Expedite growth with time-saving hacks

While it takes time to grow a successful business, there are ways to expedite the process and see your accomplishments pay off faster. Nida Leardprasopsuk, CEO of Nida Leard Consulting & Coaching, says the key to superseding time is being careful how you spend the precious resource. In her article, “How to Collapse Time and Fast Forward to Success,” Leardprasopsuk explains that strategies such as investing in worthwhile projects, hiring a mentor and building skills are moves that can reap quick rewards all while maintaining persistence to develop long-term growth.

2. Utilize Google Trends for a wider outreach

Small businesses usually rely on search engine optimization (SEO) tools that allow them to reach a wider audience and rank higher on search engines. The free application Google Trends continues to make waves in the SEO industry with its ability to measure search volume and forecast interest. Nick Chernets, CEO of DataForSEO, explains the benefits of Google Trends and exactly how you can use this tool to further SEO efforts in his article, “All You Need to Know About Google Trends to Grow Your Business.”

3. Leverage your business’s online presence

Businesses continue to consistently discover the benefits that come with connecting to their audience in the digital landscape. With so many businesses online today, it’s important to leverage your online presence and stand out from the crowd. Adrian Nita, founder of The Mind Blown, leveraged his own company’s online presence through trial and error. In his article, “6 Ways to Jump-Start Your Online Business,” he teaches entrepreneurs to learn from his mistakes and spark their own passion for business growth through unique strategies like using an aged domain name, investing in SEO and more.

4. Overcome your self-doubt

Sarah Smith, co-founder of The Dyrt, has a message to female entrepreneurs who may underestimate themselves: It’s possible to get unstuck from the voice that says “you can’t.” In her article, “How to Accelerate Your Success as a Female Founder,” she notes that it’s hard for many female entrepreneurs to start their businesses because of a lack of confidence. Smith weaves in her own experience as a co-founder and entrepreneur to encourage female founders to see their own strengths, including empathy, as keys to success and establish the belief that they are capable of making their business dreams a tangible reality.

5. Develop your personal brand

Your personal brand is built in part on your choices from how you present your offerings to your website’s color scheme. Having a personal brand is one of the keys to gaining your audience’s trust and recognition. Francisco García Pimentel explains “personal brand” by drawing insights from the real-life personal brand of Sir Richard Branson and relating them to actions entrepreneurs can take. In his article, “Richard Branson, or Five Keys to Understanding Your Personal Brand,” García Pimentel explains what a personal brand shouldn’t be so entrepreneurs can avoid mistakes and grow their business with an effective one.

This Content has originally written by Lauren Wingo and published on September 28, 2021. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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