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Now Home Décor Has Become A Part of Self-Care

1.  How home decor has become a part of self-care

Self-care can make a positive impact on our lives, and even help us achieve our goals. And Home is the only space in our lives right now. It involves designing your space while being aware of the decor expert’s impact on your well being. This involves everything from room layout, to paint colour, to lighting, to pretty much all art and decor piece and design in between. These elements can affect your mood and you can make positive changes for your overall health. Here are some self-care tips to improve yourself.

2.  Create decluttered to feel less anxious and well-organized spaces

The home needs to be a clutter-free space that’s inspiring and it can breathe a little easier in your space. If your space is unorganized, your life will likely be disorganized too. Decluttered, clean space, with good ventilation and natural lighting, maintains a healthy sense of connection with the outside surroundings. The excess things can be arranged using creative storage, space organizers, boxes for a well-organized workspace. Keep only the visually pleasing items out on display like comfortable furniture, cushions, accessories like lamps, small planters, vibrant art. These items can bring you joy and relaxation and are also easy to maintain.

3.  Make space for new daily activities and relaxation

For some of us who are missing the outside world, this is a great time to make the most of our situations. We can create Multipurpose spaces for activities, like exercising, family discussions, and relaxation. By adding existing furniture to the living room, we can give a new look for comfortable seating and reading. Try to stay motivated and relaxed by doing this thing, like hanging new artwork or curtains to fill up empty walls. You’ll be surprised by the impact of just a few small changes.

4.  Add lighting, colour, texture and shape

Poor lighting, dark colour, rough texture can create a broody, aggressive and bad mood in your space. These small stressors add up and sometimes we avoid a room altogether. Softer tones and nice texture can create a soothing atmosphere. and pops of your favourite colours make you feel more inspired and relaxed. We must use elements like warm lighting, calm colour, soft rugs, and comfortable texture in rooms. Make your space reflect who you are and how you want to feel on the inside. Having a space you’re proud of can also increase your confidence.

5.  Meaningful décor

We can add unique artworks and design elements for a home to keep things fresh. Surround yourself with functional objects that are meaningfully made. The improved indoor air quality brought by the greenery promises a positive atmosphere indoors. Houseplants, ceramics dishes, vintage style of artwork, wood or other natural materials make the spaces ‘beautiful and relaxed’ homier with an indigenous touch.

6.  Convert the rooms into art galleries, libraries, and personal memoirs

Creating an intimate family area such as a TV viewing room or a casual living room within the home is essential. Artwork, sculptures, books and photographs, can be brought together in decor to create new mood boards and spatial rearrangements. Carpets can be used as flooring; rugs can be used as wall art while paintings and installations can be used to create a statement wall or ceiling.

7.  Feel creative and stay creative

Now all are working from home and luckily we all can do work as usual from our phones or computer. We can maintain our current work ethic and creativity. The most challenging thing for us right now is adjusting to this new state of the world. We should take this opportunity to be creative, whether that’s doing, or just thinking – anything to keep our creativity flowing. It’s important that to stay calm and survive this difficult period we must embrace this slowed down version of the world.

This Content has originally written by Decor Expert Mr. Praveen Rao president of D’mart Exclusif and published on August 24, 2021. No Copyright/IPR breach is intended.

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