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This is a Mughlai Style rich and creamy meal maker curry. It is a vegan and gluten-free Indian curry recipe. Restaurant-style flavor, luscious texture, and the easiest cooking method are the highlight of this soya curry recipe. Often we are confined to paneer curry or dal makhani when it comes to a vegetarian Indian meal. However, the possibilities are endless, with vegan, plant-based …

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10 Best Places To Visit In November In India

November is perhaps one of the best times of the year to travel to any destination in India as the weather is calm and pleasant during this period and nature’s beauty is at its best. If you are planning a leisure trip in this month, get ready to be spoilt for choices as picking from so many fantastic destinations can …

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3 Common Legal Mistakes Bloggers Make

When you first decide to start a blog, you are filled with ideas and inspirations and a long list of what you want to do. But chances are the legal compliance and protecting your blog isn’t high on that list if they’re on there at all. After a while you realize there are probably some things you need to do …

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