Wednesday , 22 May 2024
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How Mentoring Helps to Develop Leadership Skills

Virtually all businesses understand the value of good leadership, and the importance for developing leadership capabilities in their employees. However, not as many organizations know how to develop leadership skills within its workforce.  Often, organizations will send staff to expensive off-site leadership training, and aren’t getting the results they want. The truth is, leadership is complex, and one-time training isn’t …

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How to Help Your Toddler to Learn Communication

Key points Children learn how to talk by talking with you and others. Encourage communication by noticing children’s interests, commenting and waiting for a response. Talk with children anytime – while playing, reading books, cooking dinner, shopping and other activities. It’s good to encourage children to turn wants, needs and emotions into words. Toddler talking: what to expect In the …

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Delicious snack ideas for kids’ birthday parties!

These tried-and-tested snack ideas for kids’ birthday parties are super effortless to put together and are so delish, the little monsters will love them. However, to be able to execute with perfection, we would advise you to start prepping early so there’s no last-minute cooking for you to get flustered about!    Here goes! 1. Drink Ideas Soups Fruit punch …

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